Benefits of Ardha Chadrasana/Half Moon Pose

Yoga is a great way to reduce stress. Regular practice of yoga asanas can help you maintain your overall health. One such asana, Ardha chandrasana, may have potential health benefits. “Chandra” means moon. Ardha chandrasana, also known as half-moon pose and part of Chandra Namaskar, is also called Chandra Namaskar. Chandra namaskar, or moon salutations, is a fundamental part of the yogic method. It can be done quickly. Before attempting Chandra Namaskar, it is a good idea to learn Surya Namaskar. This dynamic set of asanas was separate from the first asana group. Therefore, it is not considered a standard part of hatha yoga methods. 1-3 The Ardha chandrasana must be performed to achieve the best results. Let’s talk about the health benefits of Ardha chandrasana.

What is Ardha Chandrasana?

Bihar yoga school, established in India in the 1960s, published Chandra Namaskar’s sequence in “Asana Mudra Pranayama Bandha,” 1969. This included Ardha chandrasana or half-moon pose in Chandra Namaskar. In the first round, it is included in the Chandra namaskar sequence at positions 5 and 11, and 19 and 25, respectively. This pose highlights the connection with lunar energies created by the preparatory view. This pose demonstrates the connection to lunar energies created by the initial vision. 1

Variation on Ardha Chandrasana –

This asana can be further modified by simply bringing your back knee to the front and bending your knees.

During this time, your back may touch the ground with your knees. 2

You can also reverse the position by moving your legs in a different direction to stretch the opposite side. 3

Ardha chandrasana can be done best when the moon is visible at night, on an empty stomach, or at dawn.

What Do You Know?

The name Ardha chandrasana comes from the Sanskrit words Ardha (which means “half”), Chandra (which means “moon,” and asana, which means”posture.” Some interesting facts about Ardha chandrasana are enjoyable to read.

Anjaney asana is half-moon and used in Chandra Namaskar, Sivananda Yoga’s moon salutation series.

Bikram Yoga is a standing side bend with two legs, also known by Indudalasana as the “half moon yoga pose.”

The Benefits of Ardha Chandrasana :

The benefits of Ardha chandrasana can be helpful for many conditions and issues. Some examples are:

Use Ardha Chandrasana to Control Aggression among Adolescent Students

Many yogic techniques, such as pranayama and mudras, can help people with psychological problems. Methods like yoga, relaxation and interpersonal counseling can significantly lower anger and increase calmness. Rao (1995) stressed the importance yoga has on human well-being. Tripathy (2017) claims that the Chandra Namaskar sequence, which includes Ardha Chandrasana (flowing yoga postures), reduces adolescent aggression. This may help with stress, tension, and worry.

Pregnant Women Get the Best of Ardha Chandrasana:

Sengupta (2014) looked at the benefits of the Ardha chandrasana and other yoga systems during the second trimester. Their studies revealed that Ardha chandrasana could reduce pressure in the lower abdomen by strengthening the spine, ankles, and thighs, opening the hips, and stretching the groin and calves. This asana can also help improve balance and calm the mind. A yoga teacher should train 4 Pregnant women to perform this asana.

Strengthening Muscles with Ardha Chandrasana:

Tripathy (2018) found that Ardha chandrasana and other Chandra namaskar asanas have physical benefits. The pose strengthens the lower body, pelvis, calves, and thighs. It may increase flexibility before childbirth. 3

Additional benefits of Ardha Chandrasana

Other benefits of Ardha chandrasana can be derived from Chandra namaskar when repeated frequently.

It can tone the spine, open your heart chakra, and possibly expand your lungs.

It may have some enhancing properties to improve blood circulation, healthy digestion, constipation relief, and well-regulated blood sugar levels.

You can stretch your back and legs.

It may also activate spinal nerves. This may help with sciatica relief or sciatic nerve relaxation.

It can increase your confidence and foster respect for your body and mind.

It may be beneficial to adrenal gland regulation and maintaining balance on both the left and right sides of the body. 3