Australian Male Hormone Clinic (AMHC)

Now, following the Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) and the Medical Weightloss Institute (MWI), we have the Australian Male Hormone Clinic (AMHC)!

What are the regulators doing? Are they merely paper tigers?

Consumer protection requires that the people spruiking MWI and AHMC be stopped immediately.

The victims of these scams are not just being ripped off financially but are also likely to have a direct and indirect detriment to their health. Direct health detriment can come from the adverse effects and drug interactions of the “hundreds of different medications” they tailor-make for an individual. Indirect health detriment can result from failure to diagnose underlying conditions and delay in seeking more evidence-based treatment.

An appropriate regulatory tool would be to apply for an injunction (a court order) to take down the offending websites and Facebook material and place a full-page retraction of claims in “The Age Green Guide.” Retractions are essential as they correct egregious misinformation that has previously been promulgated.

Penalties should then follow. AHPRA and the Medical Council of NSW should deregister Dr. Goyer, and the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission should make a public warning about AMHC as they recently did for MWI. In addition, Jowett (an unregistered health practitioner) should be permanently prohibited from providing health services.

See (June 24, 2016) “Yet another weight loss scam (Dr. Thomas Goyer).”

Then (on July 28, 2016), there was another full-page advertisement in “The Age Green Guide” titled “Medical Team Discovers How To Optimise Hormones For Weight Loss. “And Dr. Goyer is still being spruiked by Geoff Jowett in several MWI Facebook videos. For example, Dr. Tom Goyer & MWI:

“Dr. Tom Goyer knows more about medical weight loss treatments than any other medical doctor that I’ve why I teamed up with him. I’m friends with a lot of medical doctors, luckily enough, but no one knows as much as I do. Dr. Tom, when it comes to weight loss, medical weight loss. So my only concern with talking to your GP is that they don’t know what we know. They don’t know the medical treatments; they don’t have the tailor-made plans that we had, and they don’t have access to all of the different protocols that we ha, so they may not know what we are prescribing or suggesting or doing. So it is a little bit fraught with danger. So I encourage you to trust me a little bit; I’ve been doing it for 20 years. If I didn’t know what I was doing, I wouldn’t still be in the weight loss industry. y…”