1 – Take it easy on yourself

It’s the time of year when health becomes a commitment. All of us want that fresh start and to make big changes in our lives, whether that’s losing weight, changing our health habits, or working less. This can sometimes lead to a lot of pressure. If we fail to meet our targets, this can lead to increased pressure. This can have serious consequences for future changes. Be gentle with yourself. Plan small, set a long-term goal, and make small changes. It’s all about creating a lifestyle that produces results.

2 – Get more water

This one is a constant reminder of its importance. Our bodies are 75% water, and water is our lifeblood. Water is essential for our bodies to produce saliva and help us digest food. Water is also essential for our internal body regulation, detoxification, and proper brain and liver function. The basic rule of thumb is to aim for 1 litre for every 50 lbs. This includes exercise and before any other activities. The heart pumps blood more efficiently when the body is hydrated. It also helps to make your muscles work more efficiently. Remember to bring water with you when you go to the fitness center.

3 – Eat or drink more green veggies

Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables can help prolong your life. Researchers at University College London found that fresh vegetables are the most protective, followed closely by fruit and salad. However, many people don’t eat the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

The National Diet and Nutrition Survey has shown that only 30% of adults and 41% among the older population meet the “5-as-a-day” recommendation, despite the fact that eating at least five meals a day reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease, and other cancers. Even worse is the situation for children. Just 10%, of boys and 7% of girls meet the “5-a-day”recommendation.

Drinking green juice is an excellent way to fill that gap and get more nutrients into your day. It floods your body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to give your body an incredible boost.

4 – Improve your digestive health

Recently, there has been much discussion about the gut brain and its influence on mood and appetite. The small brain that lives in the stomach is made up of a number of neurons. These neurons, along with the brain of the head, are responsible for determining our mental state and can play a crucial role in certain diseases. It is vital to keep your stomach healthy. This is possible by eating healthy food.

5 – Buy natural, animal-friendly products

Thrive Magazine is all about authentic and natural products. We only work with brands that have a genuine intention to sell products that are 100% natural and not tested on animals. We work with brands who have the intention of making the world a better place. This allows us to bring you the most recent products in nutrition, health, and food.

Pay attention to where you purchase it, what it costs and how it affects your body and the environment. Asking WHY is the best way to be aware. What is the purpose of this ingredient in this product? Why are they marketing it this way? And what benefits will it have for my health? Keep curious and learning. We are here to help.

6 – Unplug once and a while

Our world is busy and highly demanding. The demands of digital technology are increasing and it takes up more time. This has an effect on brain chemistry, which can lead to anxiety and stress. You can disconnect from technology every now and again, but not for more than a few hours per day. Get out in the woods or read a book, and put down your tablets and laptops. It is known to have positive effects on our health and our minds, as well as our relationships.

7 – Manage stress levels – meditate more.

We lead extraordinary lives. Busy, information packed, stressful lives. This is a hectic time in Western society, and our daily lives reflect it.

Meditation has been proven to calm the mind, lower blood sugar, and help us remain positive. You can find a variety of meditation apps to get you started. Or, just head over to YouTube to search for meditation videos. Meditation is not about putting pressure on yourself to be successful. Meditation is about being present. Let thoughts flow and not judge. It’s okay to be present and not change.

8 – Get more herbs and spices

Although herbs have been used for centuries to aid us in all phases of our lives, more and more women are turning to herbal remedies to relieve stress and increase energy. Drinking herbal tea, in addition to using herbs for cooking with, is a wonderful place to begin! For a quick brekkie, a ginger-lemon tea or a chamomile will calm your nerves.

Also, spices are becoming more widely recognized for their health benefits. Turmeric has enjoyed a lot of success, and turmeric teas as well as milk drinks, have been a hit. They are great for providing an antioxidant boost.

9 – Do more.

We all regret booking that gym class. But how great does it feel to actually do the work out? Exercise releases happy hormones and moves our blood around. It doesn’t matter if you run a marathon. Just get 15 minutes of active motion each night. It’s not about making it a chore to exercise. Take the stairs and walk to work. You’ll notice a rise in your metabolism and more energy.

10 – A better night’s sleep

Sleeping enough can have a positive impact on everything, from brain function to heart health and emotional well-being. It helps us live longer and better by improving our memory, alertness, stress management, and reducing inflammation. Our brains work to repair and renew cells while we sleep (hello, beautiful skin!) You can repair tissue and muscle, create new neural pathways, and do many other important jobs for your good health.

Try relaxing yoga, a warm tub, and a book to help you sleep better.