Can we all agree that Lo Bosworth is the best cast member of The Hills. (Sometimes, I like to view this montage just for nostalgia. Beth, our editor, best stated that Lo Bosworth was the best cast member on “The Hills” because it was a Lo-heavy episode. It’s only the beginning.

Lo Bosworth is a well-known reality TV star who has become a successful wellness entrepreneur that is transforming the women’s health industry. We love Lo Bosworth’s female-first, total body care business Love Wellness. It is changing the way women look after their health.

11 tips with me to improve my health because it is no secret that I am obsessed about being my best self. No matter what your health goals are, your lifestyle, or your diet, Lo has 11 suggestions to improve your health.

1. Get more water

It’s a well-known saying that “Hydrate more” is one of the most important factors in your health. 60% of our bodies are made up of water, so drinking enough water is essential for the proper functioning of your cells and organs. Drinking more water has many benefits. It increases oxygen levels, improves skin health, flushes out body waste, and makes nutrients and minerals from food available to different parts of the body.

Two cups per hour are the recommended amount of water for healthy adults. Talk to your doctor to find out what is best for you. You can make water more appealing by adding lemon, mint, and cucumber to your water. Also, carry a reusable water container with you everywhere.

2. Get 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night.

While you may know that you are supposed to get more sleep, do you really know how important it is for your body? Lo stated that sleep is essential for your overall health. Lo said that sleep is essential for overall health. )!

3. More “real” food

Trendy eating habits and food fads are constantly changing, but there’s an easy way to ensure your body is at its best: Eat more foods that come from nature. Lo advocates eating less processed food and more organic foods, along with responsibly sourced meats & seafood. Use fresh produce, herbs, and whole grains, such as brown rice and quinoa, when cooking.

4. Relax and get started on your morning.

Lo stated, “I love to get up in the morning and have a peaceful start to my day.” Lo said, “I love to wake up early and have a relaxing morning.” You can try a refreshing steam such as Lo (we love facial Steamers) or meditation and writing. Make sure to have a big glass of lemon water!

5. Pay attention to your body.

Lo understands that trusting oneself is key to optimal health. Your body will tell you if something is wrong. You can trust your body’s instincts and follow the right steps to heal. Listen to your body if it’s feeling stressed, overworked, or if something isn’t right. Prioritize your health.

6. Every day, move for at least 20-30 mins.

To be healthy, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym. You can fit more time into your week by doing shorter intervals. You can reap the benefits of exercising by taking a 20-minute walk during your lunch break or doing a YouTube video workout for 30 minutes. Lo says that exercise is good for your health and can also improve your mood. Anyone who has ever taken a yoga class, and felt super relaxed, knows this. ).

7. Concentrate on female health.

Lo explained that Love Wellness was founded out of a need to improve the quality of women’s personal hygiene products. This was in 2015 when I was dealing with health problems. I noticed that many women’s products did not have body-positive messaging or formulas that are compatible with women’s bodies. I felt terrible about my body and searched for answers. Finally, I decided to make a difference for all women.

I repeat: Being a woman isn’t shameful. You should make your reproductive health care a priority in your wellness plan. This includes regular gynecology visits and using a feminine cleanser that is good for your body (I love the Love Wellness cleanser, and I’m obsessed with it). Let’s not shame ourselves but find power in taking care of our lady bits.

8. To keep your energy up, take breaks

Even CEOs can take breaks. Lo breaks up her day with a walk, an Instagram scroll, or a conversation with her team to maintain her energy. PSA: You don’t need an afternoon cup of coffee. To feel more refreshed than an espresso shot, you just need to walk around the block with your wife or have a good laugh with her.

9. Tidy up

Marie Kondo created a revolution, and Lo agreed. My bed makes it easier to sleep. It helps my skin and my room look clean. Cleanliness is the best thing for your bedtime routines. Cleansing is a priority in our nighttime routine. It can be a relaxing bath, removing all makeup, or simply putting the clothes in the laundromat (everybody has one). Before you go to bed, get out of the way.

10. Get more fiber

How can beauty and health secrets transform your body? Fiber. Fiber. Lo stated that fiber-rich foods like legumes, whole grains, and fruits such as bananas and broccoli, apples, oats, and apples would help maintain a healthy gut and skin. Fiber is good for your gut and helps to keep your hormones in balance and your skin healthy.” Love Wellness has just released Sparkle Fiber. This unique combination of fiber and digestive enzymes gently removes toxins from your body.

11. Do not feel guilty about taking care of yourself.

For those in the back, let’s repeat it: Self-care isn’t selfish. You must prioritize your needs in order to be at your best for family, friends, and work. You can make time each day for your mental and physical well-being, no matter how busy your life may be. Lo said, “Don’t be ashamed or selfish about taking care of your body.” It will make a huge difference in your mood and overall health.